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We are here to help. Our goal is to help you reach yours.
No matter what your business purpose is,
or where you are conducting it,
we want to make you look and feel like the professional that you are.


We specialize in professional and business-casual apparel for executives, actors, artists and athletes who do business domestically and abroad.

Not matter where you are in the world, making a good first impression is an important part of doing business. It lets your partners know that you take not just the work, but yourself seriously.

What you wear is a cornerstone to your first impression.

However, simply wearing high-end brands is not enough. It is essential that your style and coordination look clean and professional.

If you are doing business overseas,
we recommend you take the following fashion advice.

We advise you to have suits that stand out and make an impression. Wearing the same suit could make you look bland or uninteresting.
  • Bespoke Suit

    Every business person should have tailor-made suits that are fitted exactly to their specifications.

    Bespoke Suit
  • Bespoke Jacket
    “Sports Jacket”

    For more casual events such as parties or fine-dining, a sports jacket can add professionalism and class to your look without seeming too formal.
    t’s important to have a variety of jackets to fit your occasion.

    Bespoke Jacket
  • Bespoke Shirt

    When you take off your jacket, you want to make sure your shirt is crisp and fitting.
    If you are doing business abroad, a disheveled shirt can be perceived as being sloppy or even lazy.

    Bespoke Shirt
  • Bespoke Tuxedo

    As you make more connections in the business world, the number formal gatherers will inevitably increase.
    It is more than likely you will be invited to events that have a strict formal dress code.
    As in the business world, it is better to be prepared. Avoid rushing and buying a non-fitted tuxedo that could look cheap or over-sized.

    Bespoke Tuxedo


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Our Customers

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We’ve had the pleasure of serving customers from all over the world:
Japan, United States, South Africa, Argentina, Germany, Australia, New Zealand, Tonga, China, Korea and more.


Yohei Takagi高木 洋平

I have ten years of experience in the industry. I have had the honor of providing high quality suits to prominent Japanese executives and celebrities. I have also provided fashion consultation.

I have served world-class athletes and Grammy award nominees. Each year, I provide high-end tuxedos for Grammy award judges.

What you wear can communicate different things depending on who you work with around the world. I work closely with British and Italian tailors to keep up with the latest business fashion on the world stage. My job is to make sure you send the right message, no matter whom you work with.

高木 洋平

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